Della Huang

Della has the gift of creating music that amplifies stories. She has the extraordinary ability to connect with and influence her audience emotionally. She enjoys building the communicating bridge between the screen and the audience.

In her teens, she was asked by a friend to compose the soundtrack for a student film. She wrote and recorded the music in 10 minutes. To her surprise, the music was well-received by her friend and the teacher. The experience planted a seed in her that began to take root and grow.

A bigger surprise came in 2015, when she received the ‘Asia Scholarship Tour’ from Berklee College of Music, the world’s preeminent college for the study of contemporary music. The half-tuition scholarship enabled her to complete her Bachelor of Music, majoring in film composition, with Grammy-award musicians and educators in Boston.

Della has years of experience writing music for a variety of genres — from pop/rock, classical and worship music to film and TV. She has had been commissioned to write music for award-winning songwriting albums, student orchestra camps, short films and documentaries. She has worked with songwriters, schools, churches and corporations such as Channel NewsAsia to compose and arrange music.

She uses a combination of acoustic instruments and custom virtual instruments in software programs, like Cubase and Pro Tools, as well as elements of musique concrète like audio effects and sound design, to invite her audiences in to a sonic world characterized by creativity, imagination and discovery.

When not in the studio, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching the Korean reality series ‘The Return of Superman’ and listening to Bill Johnson’s sermons.

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